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Publish Date : 2017-04-06

Two leaves and a bud of a major tourist attraction in the country, known as the Sylhet district of Bangladesh. Shahjalal (Rh) and Hazrat Shah Poran (Rh) of the Sylhet district of remembrance punyabhumi japhalam Bangladesh Tourism Corporation has built a more modern motel.

Bangladesh Tourism Corporation, created by the day on January 13 at the motel on the 015 was launched commercially. Motel inaugurated the Government of Bangladesh, Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism Minister Assessing Mr. Rashed Khan Menon, MP. Chaired the Bangladesh Tourism Corporation's Chairman and Additional Secretary to the Government of the amazing Mr. Chowdhury, Ph.D., D.

Addressing the opening ceremony, the minister said, the tourism industry is a multi-industry. Bangladesh to build a poverty through the development of the industry as possible. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the dream is a comprehensive introduction to the tourism industry. Country and the freedom of the introduction of foreign tourists, accommodation facilities Bangladesh Tourism Corporation since its inception, has been playing a leading role. The continuation of the tourist attractions in Jaflong Bangladesh Tourism Corporation, he expressed his satisfaction over the construction of housing facilities.

Additional Secretary to the Government of Bangladesh Tourism karaporesanaera closing remarks, Mr. Chairman, and the amazing Chowdhury, Ph.D., D. He was impressed by the natural beauty of the city known as the adventure travelers for decades, as followers of all religions to be followed by local personalities run the Hazrat Shahjalal (Rh) and Hazrat Shah Poran (Rh) of the most vulnerable countries in the region have been developed due to the arrival of foreign devotees or religious tourism religious tourism. Separate from the other regions of the country in the middle of the city, the latter quality is lacking for the economically appropriate residential hotels. Bangladesh Tourism Corporation, the country's tourism industry, not just from thinking about the commercial spot more to boost tourism in the motel job creation in tourism in the region through which the inauguration of a new horizon.

New tourist motel spot, among others, spoke at the opening ceremony of the good of the divisional commissioner, Mr. Sazzadul Hassan, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Sylhet, Sylhet district police superintendent, Mr. Nur Alam Meena, ppm and gowainghat UNO Mr. Mohammad Islam is addressed. Each of the tourism industry in the country by the US and the future of the tourism sector to develop the country's economy, which was referred to the possibilities as well as to become a middle income country by the end of 2021 the role they think.

The motel, electronic payment systems, as well as the opening of the Prime Minister inaugurated the motel. Electronic payment system, the opening ceremony was attended by senior officials of the Bank of Dutch Bengali.